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The rocks


Table mountains

Cottages in Broumovsko Region

We welcome you to the Broumovský promontory, which is a center of peace and well-being. From where you can discover the beauty of the Adršpašsko-Teplické rocks, the Krkonoše mountains and important monuments, led by the Benedictine monastery in the center of Broumov. All photos are real, from our cottages and the countryside, where we beautify everything for your comfort and pleasant moments. You are certainly looking forward to warming up in the fireplace, going for a walk or getting to know the beauties of Broumovsko. The cottages are maintained in the original style and are available all year round.


Broumovsko is a place that will soon "grow to your heart" and where you will be happy to return. It's not heaven on earth, but it's very much like it...

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