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The arrangement of the terrain, a colorful mosaic of forests, meadows, and pastures, an abundance of scattered greenery, fauna and rare flora, numerous cultural monuments, a unique landscape feature - all this creates suitable conditions for the development of tourism in the protected landscape area of Broumovsko.

The Broumovska landscape is interwoven with a dense network of hiking trails for hiking trips of varying difficulty.  A network of these trails connects all the remarkable places of this region. Well-marked tourist routes offer trips for both "trained and more demanding" tourists, as well as easy trips, intended for families with children or senior citizens.

Traditionally, the two National Nature Reserves (NPR) - Broumovské stény and Adršpašsko-teplické rocks - are the most visited. The local trails allow relatively comfortable passage through otherwise difficult terrain and lead to numerous scenic peaks.


Broumovsko is a region of baroque monuments and architectural gems, and at the same time it is extremely valuable for its cultural monuments. There are two city monument zones Broumov and Police nad Metují, the village monument reserve of Křinice, two Benedictine monasteries - in Broumov and Police nad Metují, a special group of nine baroque country churches, the oldest wooden church in Bohemia, exhibition  brick farmhouses of the Broumov type, dozens of chapels, stations of the cross and hundreds of sandstone sculptures and crosses of extraordinary artistic value, which are found both in individual municipalities and in the open countryside. 

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