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Rules and time limits for climbing in the sandstone areas of Broumovsko:

Adrspaš rocks

Mountain climbing is permitted in most areas of the complex from July 1st to November 30th. In the areas of Měsro, Milenecká hora, Ostrov and the entrance area, climbing has been permitted since May 1. On the opposite Kríž vrch, climbing is unrestricted, with the exception of the Krížové hřeben (only from April 1 to September 31).

Teplice rocks

In the areas of Černá rokle, Lysý vrch, Nový svět, Ostruha, Teplické údolí and Vlčí rokle, climbing is unlimited throughout the year. In the attractive locations of Skalní and Cháromové náměstí, Supích skal, climbing is possible from July 1 to the end of November, in the Amphitheater , on Baště and Bišík (Bischofstein), climbing has been permitted since May 1. In some places, temporary measures limiting not only climbing but also general access to the area may be applied.

Broumov walls

In most areas it is possible to climb from July 1 to September 31, in the Machovsko and Slavný area from May 1.
Climbing is unlimited in the area designated as the Great Plateau.

You will stay

Climbing on Ostaš is possible throughout the year without restrictions.

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