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Fun, sports, relaxation

The Walzel Center sets itself the task of being a place for your active rest, entertainment and business. Increase the quality of life and make the stay more pleasant for all residents and visitors of Broumovsko.

In the center you can visit: the Švejk restaurant, a salt cave, three types of shooting ranges, a climbing wall, a bouldering wall, a fitness room, an exercise room, a bowling bar with billiards, football and darts, a multi-purpose hall, a laser shooting range. In the summer months A garden with a children's corner will help you rest and relax.

Restaurant Švejk​

Restaurant Švejk is an ideal place to go for a good lunch, after work for a good beer and in the evening to sit with friends over a bottle of quality wine. The menu is wide and will satisfy even the biggest gourmets.

  • great beer that flows through a special cooled path, so our pilsner doesn't get any temperature shock

  • old Bohemian cuisine, where every dish that is served to you is made from fresh ingredients

  • we offer 4 types of homemade dumplings and excellent cabbage

  • a wine shop full of good wines, from quality to a selection of grapes at very pleasant prices

Bowling also for children

Come and play bowling on the most modern lane! At the Walzel Centre, we offer you four QubicaAMF tracks, which are machine-lubricated. Thanks to this, our bowling alley is always in perfect condition and ready for your game

  • 4 state-of-the-art bowling alleys from QubicaAMF

  • the possibility of setting child restraints

  • machine-lubricated tracks with a professional lubricant for league players

  • laser shooting range

Shooting range

We welcome you to the shooting range of the Walzel leisure center, one of the most modern complex of shooting ranges in Central Europe. We offer the possibility of shooting from short and long weapons, as well as the use of a special Hitcom training projection system, developed for the training of the German armed forces. Real self-defense training against an active shooter.


  • Shooting range 1 / 25 m - with an intelligent hanging target system PIT SHOOTING

  • Shooting range 2 / 16 m – interactive projection shooting range with the HITCOM training program

  • Shooting range 3 / 50 m – the most modern projection system with immediate evaluation of hits

Fitness + Climbing wall


The climbing wall is not only an excellent alternative in bad weather, but also a perfect place for your training. Our wall is 13 meters high and offers several routes of varying difficulty to get to the top.

The wall was prepared for you by the company TR-Walls, which is among the top in the field. All the roads were built by the well-known road builder Viktor Parízek. You can find his tracks in LC SmíchOFF, Big-Wall, but also abroad (Poland, Germany). It has built many race tracks within the framework of the Czech Cups and MČR. He has really prepared delicacies for you and you have something to look forward to. The hardest route is 9+.

The climbing wall includes a very advanced bouldering wall, a 12-meter long SLACKLINE, and for the same entrance fee you can also use the fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines with a cardio zone and an exercise room with TRX belts. All this for a single entrance fee and you can stay with us as long as you want. We also offer season tickets.

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