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Upcoming events in Broumovsk

Do you enjoy unique cultural experiences? Do you like to go for a walk or a bike ride? Or do you want to learn about history? Summer Broumovsko offers a program for each of you and, of course, for your children as well. Just choose...

Regular events in Broumovsk

For active visitors, the Broumovské region in the vicinity of the Adršpašsko-teplické rocks and the entire Broumovský promontory offers a considerable number of natural, historical and cultural activities throughout the year.

International Mountaineering Film Festival Teplice nad Metují

The International Mountaineering Film Festival in Teplice nad Metují is a competitive screening of professional and amateur films with mountaineering and other sports themes. 

Around 40 films, photo exhibitions, discussions, lectures and slideshows with mountain climbing personalities are prepared for visitors every year. 

In addition, a sports and musical accompanying program is prepared for the audience - band concerts on the local football field, outdoor film screenings, climbing competitions, running through the Teplice Rocks and various sports competitions (Slick line Hanger, joint climbing, blind climbing, etc.)

The mission of the International Mountaineering Film Festival is primarily the development of mountain cinematography. In the projected films, he shows the audience the stories of other people, their sports performances and their life in nature.


More about the climbing festival HERE.

Broum's guitar

The goal of the competitive festival is to give budding bands the opportunity to become visible on the Czech music scene. Thus, each year is preceded by a selection round (bands from the Czech Republic and Slovakia apply, and the number of applications exceeds more than 200 bands every year). The finalists and winners of the competition are guaranteed direct participation in the biggest Rock For People festival in the country. For which we thank the RFP organizers!


More about the Broumovská guitar festival HERE.

Jiráskuv Hronov - amateur theater festival

Jiráský Hronov is an international amateur theater festival. It is named after the local native, writer Alois Jirásek. The Jiráský Hronov Theater Festival is truly unique. It was founded in 1931 in Hronov, where its first year was held to celebrate Alois Jirásek's eightieth birthday. The festival has existed continuously since then and is the longest running amateur festival in Europe. In the eighty-one years of its existence, Jiráský's Hronov has become a nationwide show that presents all theater genres. You can see productions of classical drama, experimental and student theater as well as small stage forms. Puppeteers perform here, the audience can find performances of dance and movement theater as well as games for children. For amateur theater artists, participation in Jirásková Hronov is a prestigious matter. It usually takes place at the beginning of August.


More about the Jiráský Hronov festival HERE.

Za poklady Broumovsko music festival

More and more people are beginning to discover the beauty of Broumovska, who come here not only for relaxation and tourism, but also for culture. For the tenth year now, music lovers, famous musicians and young talented artists are heading to the local unique baroque churches to become part of the music festival Za poklady Broumovska. 

The festival takes place during ten summer Saturdays, in ten churches of the so-called Broum group. Within ten years, it has already become an inseparable part of the cultural offer of the Broumov region and the Hradec Králové region and has found a firm place among visitors and listeners from the entire Czech Republic.  

The high level of professionalism and commitment of all those involved in its preparation and implementation ensure its successful course and the fulfillment of the goals it has firmly set since 2008. All of this guarantees that each of the ten Saturday evenings will be an unforgettable musical experience for listeners, performers and organizers.


More about the Za poklady festival HERE.


Police remains by far the smallest of the 33 cities involved, yet it boasts, based on population, the second highest attendance. More viewers found their way to the cinema again this year. Despite the sunny weather and the April date, we counted almost 850 admissions (if it weren't for the reconstruction of the cinema, the festival would have taken place in mid-March like every year - an explanation for all those wondering), more than 60 season tickets were sold, the owners of which mostly watched at least four movies.

We screened 13 documentaries for a total of almost 20 hours. There were 11 post-film debates with directors or experts, we welcomed 17 guests on stage and discussed with another four over Skype. It is a small miracle that the invitees arrived in full, the April deadline is the last possible date and many had already completed a demanding month-long campaign through regional cities. The excellent reviews of previous years seem to ensure that guests willingly come despite the smiling size of the city and the problematic distance from Prague and Brno.

More about the festival One World HERE.

Sports event
Dog sled races at Janovičky near Broumov

More information HERE.

Mountain bike races
Lumberjack of the Year

More information HERE.

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