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Cycle paths

In our region, cycling can be combined with a tour of monuments and nature. In the diverse landscape of Broumovsko, not only hiking fans, but also fans of cycling - mountain and trekking bike enthusiasts, friends of less demanding terrains and families with children will find their place. It is possible to visit neighboring Poland by bike, either by road or on cycle paths. 

Marked cycling routes in the Broumovsk region follow on from similarly marked routes in the Polish border. The marking of cycling routes in the terrain corresponds to the standards of KČT. The individual routes are complemented by rest areas and information boards (with a map of the region, information about attractions in a given section of the route and information about the nearest services). 

A valid passport or identity card is required for routes through Poland.

More information, including rentals and services, can be found on the portalBIKE RESORT

Circuit around Adršpach

Moderately difficult route partly on roads III. class, but mostly on paved dirt roads. The route is very nice, it leads in the immediate vicinity of the Teplice-Adršpašské rocks with nice views of the rock towns and the surrounding area. In good weather, the Giant Mountains can be seen, for example, from the Pod Zvětralým vrchem junction. The route is suitable for families with children. From Teplice nad Metují, we will take cycle route No. 4036 to Adršpach, where we can return to Teplice by train.

Points of interest on the route: Jiráskovy skály - the rock formations of Jiráskovy skály are part of the Adršpašsko-Teplice rocks and are located near Teplice nad Metují. Skály got its name from the settlement and ruins of Skály Castle, where Alois Jirásek set the plot of his novel of the same name. It is located here by Black Lake around the former medieval castle Skály (Bischofstein). The castle was built at the end of the 14th century and today there are visible parts of the masonry, the remains of the castle gate and stairs carved directly into the rock. At the top is a rock lookout, from which there is a beautiful view of the table mountain Ostaš, Polici nad Metují, Polish Stolowe Mountains and Orlické Mountains.

From the Broumovské Benediktín to the Adršpašský skálak

You can start an easy trip for the whole family, suitable for road bikes, with a tour of the Broumovsky Monastery and a visit to the cafe. The road itself then leads to Meziměstí, Polish Miroszow, back via Zdoňov to Adršpach. You can make your trip more pleasant by visiting Meziměstí, where you can choose between the Walzel center and the swimming pool depending on the season.

3 hills with beautiful views of Broumovsko

A route with a more demanding climb ahead of us, but it will definitely be worth it!

We start in Broumov and continue along the road to Olivétín to the Opat Brewery in Broumov. We turn to the right and take a longer climb, which ends with a substantial stand, until we reach the settlement of Janovičky, in the heart of the Javoří mountains. Here we can have refreshments and go through the tourist border crossing to Poland, to the town of Głuszyca, or continue our journey along the Javoří hory cycle route along forest paths.

The Javoří hory circuit is more demanding, and therefore we recommend to small hikers: go back down the hill from Janoviček and turn right at the first junction and reach Heřmánkovice. After a more difficult descent, we turn left and continue through the village of Heřmánkovice to the intersection. On that we turn left again and continue along the road to the brewery and continue back to Broumov.

Points of interest on the route: Broumov Monastery - the monastery in Broumov is one of the most important tourist destinations in Broumovskogo. During the tour, you will visit the monastery church of St. Vojtěch, the monastery library and you will see a unique copy of the Shroud of Turin in the refectory of the monastery.

From Police to the bogs of the Góry Stolowe National Park

From Police n/M we climb the unfrequented road from the village of Suchý důl to Slavný and continue along the forest asphalt road to Pánův kříž. We will go down the gravel road to Machovský kříž and take the border road between the rocks to Pasterka. We turn off at the PTTK hut to the path "above Urwiskiem". We cross the Radków-Karłów road and after another kilometer turn right to the Niknąca Łąka bog. We cross Praski and Kręgielny Trakt and return to Karłów by a parallel road. We cross the cyanobacteria and after the worm.t.z. we ascend to Lisi Grzbiet. In the middle of the ridge, we turn left along the forest path to go around the rock maze of Błędne Skały around the Kragle Mokradlo peatland along the "Czynna ochrona ekosystemów w PNGS" educational trail. On the asphalt road (freeriders on red), we go down to Droga Alexandra, after which we traverse to Bukowina. At the viewpoint on the meadow, we turn left and follow the pale blue arrows (Rallye Sudety) down the singletrack to Pstražna. At the lower end of the village there is an open-air museum and a fish fryer. in Dole we will cross into Bohemia, in Žďárky we will connect to the Sudeten arrows leading through Vysoka Srbska to Bezděkovo. We will reach Police by road.

Police for the whole family

An easy ride suitable for trekking bikes and parents with children on unfrequented asphalt roads and paved dirt roads. In addition to the views of the region, we will look into 4 cowsheds and pass over 10 sandstone crosses. From the Adler pension (parking lot) we go up the asphalt on cycle route 4151 to Pohoř, where we turn right to the cowshed. We will follow the asphalt field road with beautiful views of Polici, Ostaš and Bor as well as the Broumovské stěn gorge to the pilgrimage Vamberická cesta. We will go down a sharper descent - watch out for potholes - to Bareš's Cross. Here the circuit can be shortened by going down the asphalt road to Suché Dol. Otherwise, we continue along 4151 with a long ascent on broken asphalt to Slavný. There is the option of refreshments at Majka or Vejro. In the lower part of Slavné we turn left on the initially rising asphalt road (Trhovice, so-called yellow) and go down to Suché Dol. We pass the unmissable Ticháček farm and after c.t. 4000 we climb to Hlavňov. At the cowshed, we turn left and cross the c.t. 4003 Klůček and go down to Police.

Children's ride around Police nad Metují

An easy cycling route suitable for children. After climbing the asphalt road to Radešov, it leads along a plateau with beautiful views of Ostaš, Bor, Hejšovina, Broumovské Stěny, but also the Krkonoše and Eagle Mountains. Description: Start from the starting point of the cycling route (parking lot at the bus station) - 200m along the road in a westerly direction - before the roundabout turn left in the direction of Radešov (red tourist stamp + cycle route 4152) - 600m ascent through the forest on a narrow asphalt road - after leaving the forest the ascent ends, after 500m we are in the village of Radešov. Horse corrals behind the village. At the pond, we turn slightly right onto the dirt road (still red, i.e. + c.t. 4152), at the former dump we turn right on the asphalt, after 100m the dirt road again. From the renovated farmhouse, the road is paved with recycled asphalt. At the first cottages in the village of Bezděkov n/Met, we turn from the red i.z. and c.t. 4152 on the right by a shortcut to the dumbbells (roofed water tanks), from where we continue in an easterly direction along a grass path along the yellow i.e. on an unpaved dirt road. At the north-eastern (upper) end of the village of Bezděkov nad Metují, we cross the road and continue along the yellow asphalt road. and c.t. 4150. We will pass the manure pit and if the corn is not ripening, beautiful views will open up to us. We will reach the edge of a sharp descent (via Sekyra) on the asphalt road and after passing the "saddle" we will join the Belská road (asphalt), after which we will turn left to Police n/Met (c.t. 4000). In Polici near the Adler pension, we pass the paved intersection to the left and before the little bridge we turn left again and drive along the asphalt Radimovská street to the starting point of the route.

Sudetenland Tour Road 100km

The race course leads through the hilly landscape of the Sudetenland on quality roads and is characterized by shorter but challenging climbs, the most famous of which are Vysoká Srbská, Bezděkov, Odolov, Chvalečské serpentines and the final serpentines to the finish in Bišík. The track is marked with black triangles in a yellow square of 14 x 14 cm on vertical road markings and arrows with "S" on the road. The track surface is 96% asphalt and 4% paving.

Around Broumov

The route  intended for the general public. Along field and forest paths along the Broumovské ridge. The route will also take you to little-known places, rough and romantic corners with wonderful views of the wide landscape. He manages the cadastres of the municipalities of Hejtmánkovice, Křinice, Martínkovice, Božanov, Otovice, Šonov, Rožmitál (Broumov), Heřmánkovice, Ruprechtice (Meziměstí), Hynčice and Jetřichov.

You can find more information, including rental offices and services, on the portal

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