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Boat trips

When visiting the Adršpašské rocks, you should definitely not miss a boat ride along the romantic lake between the rocks. The ascent to the lake via metal ladders is physically a bit demanding, but you will definitely not regret the effort you put in. A very funny ferryman will take you around the lake,  who manages to tell you many "interesting things" during the ride. For example, the names of all the rocks around the lake, the names of all water creatures and other monsters that inhabit the lake, you will also learn how many boats with tourists have already capsized on the lake, how many people drowned and many other "guaranteed information". 

Cruises on the rock lake:

- May – October: daily 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

Boat rental in a flooded quarry:

In the flooded former sand quarry, you can rent a boat and explore the beauty of the surroundings "with an oar in your hand".

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